Barack Obama – the First President to Write a Line of Code says , to date, 70M students have tried the Hour of Code and it’s spreading fast. Barack Obama became the first US President to program a computer, to show that anybody start learning computer science. Happy Coding.. :-)  View More >>

President Obama’s video message to kick off the Hour of Code:

Intel introduces Internet of Things platform

intel Intel introduces it’s own Internet of Things (IoT)  platform. The Intel® IoT Platform is an end-to-end reference model and family of products from Intel, that works with third party solutions to provide a foundation for seamlessly and securely connecting devices, delivering trusted data to the cloud, and delivering value through analytics
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Intel® IoT Platform Chalk Talk with Brian McCarson

A Common Language for the Internet of Everything : AllJoyn

AllJoyn is a collaborative open source project of the AllSeen Alliance to create new AllJoyn-enabled applications and services to contribute and expand the broader IoE ecosystem  View More >>

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Ruby, Clojure, and Ceylon: same goal, three very different results

Charles Nutter, Rich Hickey, and Galvin King each discovered that ‘simplicity’ doesn’t mean the same thing

Computer languages reflect the goals, target audiences, and to some degree the personalities of their creators and their communities. As a result, even languages that are created with similar goals in mind may yield highly disparate final results, depending on how their communities understand those goals. Ruby, Clojure, and Ceylon are three such languages.

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Comcast’s deal with Netflix makes network neutrality obsolete

For the past two decades, the Internet has operated as an unregulated, competitive free market. Given the tendency of networked industries to lapse into monopoly—think of ATT’s 70-year hold over telephone service, for example—that’s a minor miracle.

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Facebook’s WhatsApp Deal Could Jumpstart Plans

What’s cooler than $19 billion? How about changing the world? Mark Zuckerberg took a step closer to realizing a dream to bring the Internet to everyone on the planet with Facebook’s $19 billion acquisition of mobile messaging service WhatsApp on Wednesday.

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New Google WiFi app could automatically log you into Starbucks and other private hotspots

Google is working on a new WiFi app that could take a lot of the drudgery out of accessing wireless hotspots.

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Google creates ‘near-real-time’ deforestation tracking tool

Google is bringing awareness to global deforestation with a new website that lets users see how the world’s forests have been being cut down since 2000.

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Inside The Revolutionary 3D Vision Chip At The Heart Of Google’s Project Tango Phone

At the core of Google’s freshly announced experimental Project Tango smartphone platform is a vision processor called the Myriad 1, manufactured by chip startup Movidius and its CEO Remi El-Ouazzane.

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